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The warm Peruvian people, breathtaking mountain views and ancient ruins are enough reasons to visit Peru, but if you really want a life changing experience you’ll travel with Lucid Insight. 

We weave authentic Shamanic Peruvian philosophy, teachings and healing ceremonies into our exquisite explorations of the enchanting and beautiful sites of Peru’s Sacred Valley. Including Machu Picchu, Choquequirao, San Pedro, the Amazon Jungle, Ayahuasca, Lake Titicaca, + Bolivia. Life-changing stuff!

You will be amazed at how quickly your consciousness will shift.  Your eyes will open to allow you to see new possibilities and have a depth of understanding at a soul level that you always knew existed, but just couldn’t access!  

We've broken up the month long trip into 3 programs so you can come along to the whole thing, or just choose one or two parts. 


Program 1 - The Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, San Pedro Healing + Charity WorkProgram 1 - The Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, San Pedro Healing + Charity Work

You will have the adventure of flying into Cusco over the snow-capped mountains from Lima and immediately retreating to a beautiful hotel in the sacred valley. This will be our base at a lower altitude than Cusco so you can acclimate. 

The ritual area of Pisac, where we will ceremonially honour our ancestors is found in the hills above the best market town where  you will have the pleasure of discovering authentic Peruvian crafts.  The Sacred Valley stretches for a hundred kilometres between Pisac and Machu Picchu and includes many towns and monuments that were built during the Empire of the Incas.

Going to the local market to shop for food and suppliesIn one of the many Inca communities we will spend a day going to the local market to shop for food and supplies.  Later we will be providing children who walk 2 – 3 hours to school each day with new school supplies to help keep their greenhouse and kitchen projects functioning. 

Ten percent of your trip costs go towards charities and social enterprise projects which Lucid Insight supports.  This is one of the most fulfilling days of giving back, and a great opportunity to communicate with and photograph the local people.

The ruins at Ollantaytambo sit spectacularly over the town with a 140 meter high Incan Wiracocha God figure sculpted into the mountains.  In a beautiful sacred site nearby, we will have a despacho ceremony, and you will learn how to make your own offering to the Pachamama (the mother earth). 

You will also have the opportunity to experience a San Pedro (cactus plant medicine) journey (this is optional).  San Pedro is a purging medicine that connects you to all there is.  

Moray is a magical place with natural depressions in the earth that were terraced and used to grow different varieties of cornMoray is a magical place with natural depressions in the earth that were terraced and used to grow different varieties of corn.  In this spiritual huaca we will have the air ceremony.  A Huaca is a sacred place that in energy and beauty is superior to the rest...there are a lot of huaca’s that we will visit.  Later we will take a leisurely down hill hike to the impressive salt flats at Maras.

Getting to Machu Picchu takes you on one of the most scenic train rides through the magical Andes.  We’ll arrive at Aguas Calientes, the town at the base of Machu Picchu.  You will have time to explore the town and dine before we gather as a group and enjoy the naturally fed thermal baths.

The next day begins early with a sunrise ceremony and connection with the sun, high in the ruins of the Citadel of Machu Picchu.  The Great Inca meant Son of the Sun.  Here we will explore the ruins with our fantastic and knowledgeable guide.  You can also receive a Machu Picchu stamp in your passport.  

CuscoCusco is a fabulously colourful city bustling with characters and atmosphere.  We want you to have the most authentic experience here and provide the opportunity of some authentic Peruvian nightlife!

Surrounding Cusco are some of the most amazing ruins and huaca’s (power places).  My favourite is Saqsayhuaman, which is the head of the puma; the shape that Cusco was originally created. The tradition said this was where the guardian spirits lived.  The head of the puma represented the head of the Empire, or place of superhuman power.  Massive great walls of enormous stones are placed together so tightly without mortar it has been identified as a fortress, House of Weapons and War and also as a Temple for prayer and sacrifice.  

Qenqo is another astonishing sanctuary where it is possible to go into the belly of the mother.  Here we feel the three worlds of the Kaypacha, the world we live in symbolised by the puma, the Ukhupacha, or the underworld symbolised by a serpent, and the Hananpacha, the upper-world of eternity and Gods symbolised by the condor.

We will also visit Tambomachay, the source of underground water.  If you bathe in this water you will have skin like a baby!  Probably a fountain of youth mythology, but I was certainly happy to give it a go.  To this day they have never discovered the source of this natural flow. We will also visit a local shamans impressive mesa (altar).

In Cusco we will have the very special chance to speak with the Apu’s (mountain spirits) through one of Peru’s highly gifted Altomesayoks (a shaman who calls in and acts as a channel for the mountain spirits). 

Raqchi  is a sacred place of prayer Raqchi  is a sacred place of prayer offers us a chance to spin off some old energy that no longer serves you.  We leave there feeling reborn before returning to Cusco.

Our final day you will have time to wander the quaint cobbled streets of Cusco and peruse the San Pedro Market and endless shops.  In the evening we will have a gifting ceremony where we will all exchange small gifts of love. 

We stay in comfortable hotels and there is minimal hiking on this trip.



Program 2 - Amazon Jungle, Ayahuasca HealingProgram 2 - Amazon Jungle, Ayahuasca Healing

Many people want to stay on and visit the Amazon jungle with us for a week of transformational Ayahuasca plant medicine.  Passengers have changed their reservations and extended their trip to include this amazing adventure.  Our groups tend to bond with each other deeply and friendships are made for life.

This program offers you the opportunity of intensive deep healing with ayahuasca plant medicine.  At a made for westerners Peruvian owned lodge, you can engage in deep jungle healing with or without the sacred medicine.  

The adventure begins with a wonderful journey via open bus, and a two hour motorised canoe trip along the Madre de Dios tributary of the Amazon until we reach our lodging in the beautiful Eco Amazonia Lodge, one of the few Peruvian owned jungle retreats in the area.

Edinson, the ‘Medico Vegetalista’ is a brilliant curandero (Medicine Man) with over 46 years of Ayahuasca experience. He has had great success facilitating healings of 1st stage cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, gastritis, Parkinson’s Disease and a variety of other serious illnesses and addictions.  He helped one of my group travelers quit a 3 pack a day smoking habit after only three sessions!

In seven days we submerge ourselves in the world of plant dieting, plant baths and taking ayahuasca for deep healing on many levels that modern medicine cannot reach. Even if you are not seriously ill, you can heal your spirit and emotions with ayahuasca. Ayahuasca has cured many of my past fears.

Every day there is teaching and group feedback with Edinson with question and answer time. Each day you will have the chance to indulge your self expression with visionary art to help process your ayahuasca experience, or simply choose to chill out in a hammock snoozing or with a good book.

You will have the opportunity to go on guided walks and canoe trips, see wild monkeys and visit a local indigenous family, or simply choose to relax in the lovely atmosphere of the Lodge, or swim in its refreshing, screened in swimming pool. Jumping in the cool water after the heat of the jungle resets you and gets you back into your centre. 

We also have the magical experience of a cleansing hot plant bath which helps us leave all that we want to let go from us there in the jungle so we can travel home, renewed.

This jungle experience will give you a brighter outlook on life, if not completely and profoundly heal you at some level.  Please consult with us if you are on any medication or have any serious illness before booking.

After seven days we return to Cusco to continue traveling or Lima to catch flights home. 

ChoquequiraoProgram 3 - Choquequirao

A hiking and camping ceremonial adventure!  This is often described as "a bigger Machu Picchu, but less touristy" as it is tucked away in the mountains and the only way in is to hike.  

We like to take our time to have beautiful ceremonies along the way  so we take 7 days for this usual four day trip.  As it is not high mountain hiking we want to enable less fit passengers the opportunity and experience of  ‘hiking in’.  There will be horses available.  All of our camping equipment is provided for us.  

Experience the Southern Hemisphere star-lit night sky in the sacred temple and connect with our beautiful Pachamama like you never have before.  We finish up in a natural hotspring.




Program 4 - Lake Titicaca Peru and BoliviaProgram 4 - Bolivia

Fly into La Paz and make our way to Tiahuanaco one of the most ancient civilizations.  Here we will have some incredibly profound ceremonies.

From there we go to Copacabana to explore the Island of the Sun and Moon on Lake Titicaca, the birthplace of Humanity.

Make our way back to Peru and visit the remarkable floating islands. We will visit the sacred sites in the Puno region like Sillustani and Amaru Muru as well as the Fertility Temple. Then a scenic drive back to Cusco to catch flights home.

2015 Trips 


Program 1 - Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, San Pedro Healing, Charity Work £2468 - 14th May - 18th May 2015

Program 2 - Amazon Jungle, Ayahuasca Healing £1468 - 28th May - 3rd June 2015


Programs 1 & 2 Together - £3636 - 14th May - 3rd June 2015

Program 3 - Choquequirao - a hiking and camping ceremonial adventure - £1350 4th June 2015 - 10th June 2015


Programs 1, 2, & 3 Together - £4886 - 14th May 2015 - 10th June 2015

Program 4 - Lake Titicaca, Bolivia and Peru - £1500 11th June 2015 - 18th June 2015

All 4 Programs Together: £5,868.  Five weeks, change your life.  The time is now.

Please contact Shannon for further information.

Affiliate Program: For every passenger that you send who attends Program 1 or any combination of trips, you receive a £100 reward for the connection.

5 Friend Incentive - Bring 5 friends & 1 person out of 6 will travel with Lucid Insight at 50% off. 


Each day of our trip we will have time to share and process as a group.  Peru is a magical place with beautiful, pure love energy and it simply changes people just by being there.  “Something” happens.  This is a perfect opportunity to bring a journal so you can record your new thoughts and feelings and take notes on all the incredible information you will be learning.  The time to change is now.  

We look forward to traveling with all of you.